Window Shutters and Blinds

Lovelle Design Centre provides design, sales, measurement and installation of window Shutters and Blinds.
Come and Visit Lovelle Design Centre in Surrey.  You can select from dozens of colours available to match your furniture and style, or we can simply customise colours for you.


There is no window covering that enhances the beauty of your home and sculptures light quite as elegantly as shutters.
Shutters are considered to be the highest quality window treatment and give you total command of your space by allowing minute or grand changes in your view, privacy and light. Shutters will give your home a fresh, updated look and are one of the lowest-cost remodeling projects you can do to upgrade your home and deliver a high impact.

Lovelle Design Centre offers 2 different types of Shutters, Solid Wood 100% North American Basswood Shutters and Polyclad Shutters.

1. Solid wood 100% North American Basswood Shutters

Our beautiful line of high end basswood shutters that offer rich stain colours and custom paint matches to meet the most high end applications.  All wood are hand picked and are the purest 100% North American Basswood.  Close attention was paid to minimizing the imperfections found in wood, and they were stained and clear coated twice over to offer you the rich look of old world wood shutter tradition.  Solid wood Shutters are hand crafted to fine furniture quality standards.

Each shutter sold and installed by Lovelle Design Centre is hand crafted to your custom specifications; size, louver and frame style. The woods are handpicked and inspected to reduce the common problems of bowing and warpage. Using a triple dowel joinery to join stiles and rails, and a furniture quality construction at the critical joints of the shutters so they don’t come apart. After staining, every shutter goes through a rigorous 3 step quality inspection process where we inspect the finish, the sizing for a perfect fit and every panel for proper operation. The shutters arrive, tailored and matched to your choice of stain or color; ready for custom installation in your home.

2. Polyclad shutters

Polyclad wood shutters are designed to deliver the elegance, look and feel of traditional wood shutters but without any of the maintenance challenges of wood. The Polyclad Woodtex surface gives the soft feel and look of wood but is easy to clean and guaranteed against fading, warping, cracking and peeling. The solid wood construction delivers the strength of a wood shutter allowing for wide, tall and strong panels that won't come apart over time.


Lovelle Design Centre has Blinds made of solid Basswood or faux wood with dozens of colours and textures to match your furnitures, wall colours or your style.

1.  Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds features Rich Colours and coordinating cornices.  The rich, natural beauty of wood adds warmth, character and simple elegance to any room.  The tilting horizontal slats of Wood Blinds provide superior light control and privacy.  Lovelle Design Centre offers wood Blinds that are made of premium basswood, have the uniformity of a contoured bottom rail and feature cornice valance upgrades, for a finishing touch that's truly an elegant look for any room.

2. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds deliver the beauty of wood blinds but eliminate many of the challenges that natural wood has with moisture and humidity.  The Polumer construction of our faux wood blinds resist fading, warping, cracking, and is easy to clean with the swipe of a moist cloth.  The tilting horizontal slats of faux wood blinds provide superior light control and privacy. 

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